According to Asian Trails Indonesia, Indonesia has abolished the third PCR test required from all foreign travelers on the 3rd-day in the country. Furthermore, the latest updated requirements, as well as travel guides below will contribute to your exciting Indonesia tour in the next time.

1. No longer requirement of the 3th-day PCR test

Indonesia has abolished the third PCR test required from all foreign travelers during their third day in the country. The change applies to international visitors arriving in Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Manado, and Lombok. In addition, according to the latest government update, the four-day pre-booked travel package is no longer necessary.

2. Latest requirements to enter Indonesia

Foreign travelers who meet the following requirements can enter Indonesia:

  1. Present a B211A visa approval letter or request a Visa-on-Arrival.
  2. Show proof full vaccination in English at least 14 days before departure ( except from children under 18 years old).
  3. Travelers must install the PeduliLindungi application and fill out the e-Hac Indonesia.
  4. Provide evidence of the first negative PCR test taken in the country of origin not more than 48 hours before their flight departure.
  5. Buy health insurance covering Covid-19 (minimum cover of USD25,000).

Optionally, it is recommended that travelers pre-book the first night at an accommodation provider certified for cleanliness and safety (CHSE-certified).

3. Procedure upon arrival in Indonesia

When arrival, travelers have to take a second PCR test at the airport of entry directly after arrival. The payment for this test is IDR275,000 and needs to be paid on the spot by the client (other currency options and credit card payment available).

After leaving the airport, the travelers have to immediately transfer to their accommodation and isolate themselves in the room until they receive negative PCR test results. It takes 3-6 hours to wait.

After a negative result, they can travel freely in Indonesia. A third PCR test is no longer necessary. Moreover, travelers do not need to have a four-day pre-booked package.

If the second PCR shows a positive result or the patient is asymptomatic or shows only light symptoms, the traveler will be under treatment in designated isolation hotels at the guests’ costs. More severe cases will be treated at dedicated referral hospitals paid for by the insurance policy.

4. Where to travel in Indonesia now


Bali is famous as “Paradise Island” in Indonesia in particular and Asia in general. The island attracts tourists with its sacred ancient Hindu temples with unique architecture, blue beaches on the white sandbanks stretching under the bright sunlight, immense green terraced fields, etc.  With unspoiled beauty, Bali always attracts the largest number of tourists in the world.  Therefore, the paradise island offers visitors unforgettable discoveries and experiences.


As the second-largest city in the world, Jakarta is also the economic center of Indonesia. You can head to the “Golden Triangle” of Sudirman, Kuningan, and Thamrin to discover many shopping malls with thousands of international brands there. Alternatively, you can come to the Kelapa Gading area to enjoy the specialties of the country. Moreover, you should not miss the chance to have a few drinks in bars, cafes, and restaurants in Kemang, some with live music or local DJs.


Batam island is the best place to relax and get away from the crowd.  Therefore, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. You will find several resorts, spas, restaurants, and cafes, and the nightlife here is very lively there if you are looking for some entertainment in the evening. Furthermore, people travel to Batam for diving or snorkeling as the waters here are extremely clear and the views are great.

This is a good chance to plan for a trip to Bali the next time. Therefore, we would like to give you a travel guide to Indonesia as well as some typical Indonesia tours.

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