The richness of the Mekong River lies in the crucial transport channel function for the Vietnamese as well as being an important commercial center. The Vietnamese establish their daily floating markets on the river.

The Mekong River cruise sails through the water of the Mekong Delta between southern Vietnam and Cambodia. Embarking on a cruise on the Mekong River is an ideal way to experience the iconic places slowly drifting along the river and observe the life flowing on the waters of Cambodia and Vietnam. You can choose to sail in Vietnam, or in Cambodia or from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa.

Choosing a cruise on the Mekong river is truly an extraordinary experience. You can choose to have a luxury experience on the Mekong River and watch the real life of the Mekong River daily in front of the chairs from your comfortable cabin.

Below is a list of the 6 best cruises on the Mekong River.

1. Bassac Mekong Cruise – The boat takes its name from a Mekong effluent

The Bassac Mekong cruise is one of the best deluxe cruises in the Mekong River. The deluxe Mekong cruise is built entirely of natural wood with an elegant design. Each cabin is equipped with modern comforts such as air conditioning, private bathroom. Bassac Mekong Cruise has a 100 square meter restaurant with a large kitchen. The cruise also has a small office room and 700 square feet of solarium.

Bassac Mekong Cruise Services:

Bassac Mekong offers passengers many interesting activities along the Mekong River in Vietnam. Bassac cruises are perfect platforms for your company or board meetings in small committees. Providing the ability to bring your group to the heart of the Mekong Delta, varied cuisine, and solid logistics, Bassac Mekong allows your creativity to express themselves freely.

Activities and experiences when traveling with Bassac Mekong:

You can join some activities such as biking and even kayaking to discover the place or simply to relax and improve health. You can also relax freely immersing yourself in the beautiful sunlight, sipping some favorite drinks and contemplating the wonderful scenes of the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam on the terrace. Bassac Mekong cruise can take travelers on a cruise up to seven days without stopping and offers great flexibility in travel planning.

The Bassac Mekong cruise is truly an ideal choice for couples, families and groups of friends who enjoy discovering the lives of people in the Mekong Delta.

Thanks to the considerable experience in the travel, hospitality sector and the deep knowledge of our country, our local guides are always ready to help you make a memorable trip to Vietnam. Contact us for advice from our local tour guide and plan your trip!

2. Exploring the Mekong River with Le Cochinchine

Source: Le Cochinchine

The ”Le Cochinchine” cruise is one of the best top cruises in the Mekong River. The fleet of Le Cochinchine contains two large cruises: Le Cochinchine Cruise 7 cabins and Le Cochinchine Cruise 10 cabins.

“Le Cochinchine” cruise services:

The Mekong cruise offers a wide range of services. With the crew of 6, including 1 cruise/ driving manager, 1 captain and 1 chef, passengers will be satisfied with the enthusiasm and concentration of the staffs. In terms of food and drink, you have the opportunity to taste many delicious local dishes along with a delicate range of Asian and international dishes. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of famous French, Italian and Australian wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, and coffee. In addition to relaxing in comfortable cabins, passengers can relax with a foot massage on the terrace where you can also contemplate a splendid view of the river. Otherwise, the cruise also serves cycling services, visiting famous attractive places along the riverbanks, combining motorized rowing trips, or simply walking to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Activities and experiences when traveling with the “Le Cochinchine” cruise:

Source: Le Cochinchine

Being one of the most popular cruises on the Mekong River, Le Cochinchine offers an elegant and relaxing way to explore the stunning scenes of the Mekong River. The cruise brings passengers closer to the local people in different corners of the delta. Le Cochinchine Cruise promises to be a quiet and extremely comfortable cruise for your journey. You will have many opportunities to discover the culture of Vietnam through its authenticity and taste the local customs and foods along with many unforgettable experiences exploring the Mekong delta and the picturesque villages. With Le Cochinchine Mekong Cruise, you can enjoy the infinite contemplation of a fascinating scenery when you come across a world of legendary streams and picturesque landscapes, floating markets, lush bonsai gardens, rice fields, villages, pagodas and temples, fruitful orchards, bazaar loaded with boats and a myriad of smiling children…

Le Cochinchine cruise is one of the best choices for couples, families and groups of friends who want to make a cheap and unforgettable trip in the Mekong River Delta.

3. Gecko Eye Cruise – Mekong cruise in a stylish and luxury way


Have you ever expected to experience a Mekong cruise on an individual basis? If the answer is yes, Gecko Eyes Cruise is your first choice with a reasonable price but advanced services. Gecko Eyes Cruise is defined as a private charter cruise and one of the top cruises of the Mekong River. The cruise was built by local artisans following the traditional fishing boats of An Giang. The ships are made of local woods decorated with elegant carvings.

Gecko Eyes Cruise Services:

To ensure your safety and well-being, our staffs on board (captain, sailor, cook, tour guide) are always available and willing help. The guest area that is 40 sqm has a luxurious cabin (double or twin cabin) with French style balcony, an air conditioning, a private bathroom, a panoramic room with French balconies and a solarium at the bow. On request, the lounge can be transformed into an additional bedroom with two beds. The staff area, with a well-equipped kitchen, is at the back of the cruise. This area is completely separated from the guest area by a lockable door to guarantee your privacy. Operating since 2012 with dimensions of 19.8 meters in length and 4.3 meters in width, Gecko Eyes has only one cabin with a limited number of people to ensure that you have the most private space.

Activities and experiences when traveling with the Gecko Eyes cruise

Each itinerary has exciting excursions and activities to maximize fun during the cruise. With Gecko Eyes Cruise, you can fulfill your wishes for a private cruise on the Mekong River to explore the natural beauty and daily life of its inhabitants.

4. Mekong Eyes River Cruise – first choice in accommodation on board on the Mekong River

The Mekong Eyes River cruise is one of the best choices for top cruises on the Mekong River. It takes its name from one of the traditional ceremonies performed on a Mekong boat called “eye opening” which hope for fast and safe journeys for the boat. It was built with high quality wood that combines regional style and modern comfort, which is tastefully decorated by skilled artisans of the Mekong River. Mekong Eyes has a length of 39 meters and a width of 8.5 meters with 15 cabins, which can accommodate up to 30 guests.


Mekong Eyes Cruise Services:

There is a large dining room on the lower deck, where you can enjoy Vietnamese culinary specialties or an evening aperitif in the cozy bar. An elegant upper deck in the panoramic room invites you to sit and admire the impressions of the fantastic landscapes and the busy day life on the river. On the upper deck, you will find an open seating area and solarium with stunning views. While you are enjoying the solarium, the friendly Mekong Eyes River cruise staff will serve you with fresh drinks and freshly prepared delicacies. All cabins are fully equipped with standard facilities and services to provide maximum comfort for travelers. Each cabin is designed with large windows to isolate from the windy climate and noisy noise. Thanks to an extremely attentive crew, travelers will appreciate a high-quality service for the entire trip.

Activities and experiences when traveling with the Mekong Eyes cruise:

On the cruiser Mekong Eyes River, tourists will find a harmonious blend of the elegant beauty of the ship and the peaceful landscape of the Mekong Delta, participate in exciting explorations and join many interesting activities.

A Mekong cruise with Mekong Eyes River Cruise could be the highlight of your trip to Vietnam that you will not forget.

5. Dragon Eyes River cruise – Cruise on the small channels of the Mekong River

Dragon Eyes River Cruise is one of the deluxe cruises in the Mekong River. The twin boats Dragon Eyes I and Dragon Eyes II were built in the traditional riverboat style of the Mekong Delta. Dragon Eyes is designed to serve families, couples or small groups who want to enjoy a private holiday in the Mekong River.

Dragon Eyes River Cruise Services:

In terms of public areas, the cruise has one indoor room, one solarium, one covered restaurant and one outdoor bar. We ensure that Dragon Eyes is big enough to offer you ample space for privacy and relaxation. Each Dragon Eyes offers its passengers a space of 100 m2. Five crews including captain, sailor, service personnel, guide and cruise director will provide high-quality services for you. You will always be served by a big smile and a warm attitude.

Activities and experiences when traveling with the Dragon Eyes River cruise:

By choosing Dragon Eye River Cruise as a companion, you can have different tour options in the Mekong River with different itineraries. The elegant, thin and shallow hulls allow Dragon Eyes to cross the small canals of the Mekong river that is hard to be explored by larger cruisers. You can find a serene life on the river that makes the Mekong delta so unique. Besides, you can participate in many thrilling activities for entertainment.

If you are a cruise lover, start planning with us for your relaxing tailor-made vacation in Vietnam.

6. The “Toum Tiou River” cruise

Discovering Indochina along the Mekong River with Toum Tiou Cruise is one of the perfect choices. Passengers have the opportunity not only to contemplate the majestic Mekong River but also to sail in close contact with the river bank. You will have an unobstructed view of the pleasantly rustic existence of the people nearby.

Toum Tiou River Cruise Services:

Toum Tiou cruise offers an unparalleled experience on the Mekong river cruise with the discovery of spectacular views of the wildlife and flora system here, along with the daily life of the local populations and cultures of Cambodia and Vietnam. Toum Tiou Cruise cruises also offer great comfort with additional services in the cabin including a private lounge, air conditioning, wi-fi system, en-suite bathroom with hot/ cold private shower, complimentary tea and coffee. The cozy cabins are equipped with the highest specifications with noble wood in elegant colonial style

Activities and experiences when traveling with the Toum Tiou River cruise:

Traveling with one of the best cruises on the Mekong river, passengers will surely feel at ease with the best services and facilities. In public areas, you will have the opportunity to join the lessons of the history of Vietnam and Cambodia. Otherwise, you can relax in the library with a variety of books, magazines and novels. Toum Tiou Cruise is truly an ideal choice for those who love to travel to experience the Mekong Delta from floating villages to the Vietnamese and Cambodian lifestyle around the Mekong River Delta.


1. Tour Mekong Cruise in 3 days


Mekong River is considered as the best river in Southeast Asia when the culture from 3 countries Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos mingle. Mekong River was combined off blindly beautiful landscape and attractive cultural diversity. Some UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Laos express the illustrious past of destination surrounding here. Mekong River Cruise tour in 3 days will offer you a variety of options. The special things that you will receive in this tour are staying in accommodation at Victoria, staying twin-bed or double-bed cabin locating on the main deck, having romantic and luxury lunch and breakfast on board with the fresh and cold of soft drink.

2. Vietnam and Cambodia water way in 8 days


Different from the Mekong River tour in 3 days, this tour includes domestic flight from Phnom Penh to Seam Reap with 3 days in Vietnam and 5 days to enjoy Cambodia. The tour is especially suitable for visitors who want to spend their time for a long holiday after a long day of hard working or a romantic honeymoon trip after getting married. The trip includes roundtrip airport transfer, boat trip on Tonle Sap Lake, and many other options, which you can check out for more detailed information at:

3. My Tho – Mekong Delta gateway day trip

My Tho – Mekong Delta tour is one day tour that you can enjoy the truly unique Mekong Delta lifestyle just in one day trip. Even though one day is not a long time for a trip, you still can experience seeing the sunset slightly going down to the edge of the water from the roof of a boat. The tour includes a private pick-up service as well as drop-off service with a private car or van, a boat trip with English or French speaking guide, and lunch as stated in the program.

4. Authentic Mekong with Tcharokaa Cruise in two days

This classic boat was built following the traditional style that is close to the old Mekong Delta boats. Outstanding advantage of Tcharokaa Cruise is the ability to cruise along the small canals of Mekong River that large cruise cannot explore, which help to find the serene riverfront life of Mekong River. However, at the same time, the boats are large enough to give you a comfortable zone and the luxury feeling. This “floating hotel” will not disappoint you with its privacy and well-design cabins. In the first day, you transfer to Cai Be. The boat continues to move to Sa Dec at lunch and continue sailing to Long Xuyen. In the second day, you will be surprised with a sunrise cruise to local floating market which is wholesale market instead of a tourist market.

lta explorer and exist to Cambodia with Tcharokaa three days

This tour is considered to the “Authentic Mekong with Tcharokaa Cruise in two days”. The difference is in day 3, you will have a chance to explore the local market in Chau Doc by bike riding. In Chau Doc Town, you are free to experience the local life in this beautiful and tranquil village.

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