Halong Bay with its mesmerizing natural landscape is one of the most sought-after destinations in Vietnam. Overlooking this UNESCO World Heritage from the helicopter flying across is one of the most inspirational new ways to elevate the experience amid the masterpiece of nature.

The Spectacular Halong Bay

Located 3 hours of driving away from Hanoi – the capital, Halong Bay with unique geographic features of emerald water, limestone pinnacles, islets, caves, and grottoes will leave guests jaw-dropped by its alluring beauty. Covering an area of nearly 1600km2 on the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay tells a timeless story of how amazing the formation of nature is.

Over the course of time with 500 million years of erosion from the rain, the wind, and the sea, the limestone karsts in Halong Bay formed and sprouted majestically. Shapeless lumps of stone locate along the Bay, together with a vast array of marvelous caves and grottoes for admiration. The fishing life of the local people is also vivid as you go deeper into the Bay.

Explore Halong Bay on a Luxury Cruise & Helicopter Tour

Embarking on a cruise is one of the signature itineraries to explore Halong Bay. There are day cruises and overnight cruises with diverse options in terms of hospitality standards. Among the service providers, Vietbiz Travel is an optimal one for luxury and tailor-made experiences, as they can offer guests more than just a cruise!

Door-to-door pickup & drop-off services, private transportation, private cabin on the overnight luxury cruise, special itineraries to the untouched Lan Ha Bay nearby, delicious meals, amusing cultural and entertaining activities on board, and especially the scenic helicopter tour over the iconic Halong Bay are the special offers arranged by Vietbiz Travel to enhance the experience of guests at this famous destination.

In specific, every detail of this journey will be thoughtfully taken care of. Guests will be transferred to Tuan Chau International Marina from Hanoi via the new highway for a shorter moving time; embark on the Heritage Cruises – the first boutique cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin showcasing the country’s history, art, cuisine, well-appointed amenities, and lavished services; explore and contemplate the marvel of nature in Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago with serene beaches, caves, limestone karsts, and especially fewer boats.

Last but not least, the highlight of a luxury trip with Vietbiz Travel in Halong Bay is the 12-minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour by Bell 505 Jet Ranger. Flying offers a superb panoramic view of the UNESCO World Heritage that feast the eyes of guests, in a very unique perspective.

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