Drive from Mu Cang Chai to Sapa, visiting the terrace field, passing O Quy Ho Pass on the way to Sapa.

08.00 AM: We will say goodbye to Mu Cang Chai for Sapa. On the way today there are a lot of nice terrace fields where you may have the best photos. We will stop on the way for communicate with local people to understand their life with the help of our guide.
There are so many ethnic minorities in that area and their character and way of life is very different from the people in the city or the plain. So do be surprised when even driver or guide can not communicate with them as some of them may only speak a bit Vietnamese. However, today is a day with no touristy area. The highlight today is also passing the one of the four highest pass in Vietnam – O Quy Ho before we arrive in Sapa. Check in hotel then overnight in Sapa.


Conquer the daunting O Quy Ho mountain pass

O Quy Ho Pass is the king of pass at Vietnam and stand at the first of “4 great pass of Vietnam” which connects two Northern provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Coming through the pass, it is quite interesting to experience different weather types at almost same time (the side of Lao Cai is misty, the side of Lai Chau is sunny). From the pass, we can admire the imposing panorama of Fansipan mountain and Lai Chau’s beautiful valleys below blessed by nature. Come and see the majestic and hardly comparable beauty the pass has to offer.

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