Stop at magnificent Silver Waterfall, Heaven Gate and Tram Ton Pass; Walk around to enjoy breathtaking scenery; Visit O Quy Ho; Back to hotel

Meet your guide and driver for a leisure trip. The drive uphill offers most spectacular scenery of Fansipan Mount. Just a kilometer out of the town, rose flower farms and later chayote grows on bamboo frames covered a vast area. We’ll stop at the magnificent Silver Waterfall before continue the road trip for some kilometers further to Heaven Gate and Tram Ton Pass. At 2047m above sea level, the Heaven Gate & Tram Ton Pass is the highest mountain pass in Vietnam. From here enjoy walking around for half an hour for beautiful scenery of both two side of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The wind blows stronger to force the clouds moving constantly. It is the best point here to enjoy breathtaking scenery of the two side of Fansipan Mountain Range. Amazingly that the weather is very different by the side: In many days It is foggy and cloudy on Sa Pa side and sunny brightly the other side. 
Leaving the Heaven Gate for the way back downhill 7 km, then stop to pay visiting to some lush farm in O Quy Ho where different kind of vegetable, flower, fruit trees and even medicinal plants are grown for years which makes this part of Sapa ever green. 
Transfer back to Sapa and trip ends with drop off at hotel.


Capture magnificent views from the heavenly Tram Ton Pass

Most people concentrate on the rice terraces and the valley. Take few hours to drive uphill for a short drive from Sapa town to Tram Ton Pass. Well worth the effort. Breathtaking views of the valley. You are going to be really overwhelmed with the beauty of the area and the incredible views from the winding road of Tram Ton Pass.

Witness the scenic Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall is far about 15 kilometers from Sapa toward Lai Chau; tourists take approximately 30 minutes by motorbike or bus to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. The scenery along the way, the pine forest, and the ‘su su’ spread over the hills. With more than 100 meters high, white water poured down the stream. Walk up 400 steps to the top. There are plenty to views on the way up and down for photo sessions. The water has a pristine look to it. There are various wild plantain and cardamom trees on both sides. Guests can soak in the cool stream, wash all worries, chat, and relax under the shade of green trees.

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