Drive from Hanoi to Sapa; Visit Ta Phin Red Dzao village; Walk around village and enjoy great view of the valley; Back to Sapa

After breakfast, our tour guide & car pick you at your hotel and transfer to Sapa following the newly built highway of “Noi Bai- Lao Cai” in 5 hour scenic drive – a great journey to enjoy beautiful scenery of Vietnam’s northwest highland 
Arrive in Sapa & have lunch in a local restaurant. 
After lunch, we drive to Ta Phin commune, 14km southeast of Sapa town. Located in a large valley, surrounded by high mountains, which covered by pine trees and forest, Ta Phin commune is home to the Red Dzao and Black H’mong ethnics. Although living closed to each other for decades, these two ethnic people are very different: The H’mong are cheerful and open minded while the Red Dzao are economical and reserved. Taking a short drive to the center of the valley, you will enjoy an easy walk following village path around the valley, paying visit to H’mong hamlets scattering from the bottom of the valley to higher mountain slopes. From high elevation, great view of the valley stretching under your feet. Continue your walk to the Red Dzao village in which you will meet groups of women making handicrafts includes embroidered clothes, handbags…
After that transferring back to Sapa.


Explore the Ta Phin Red Dzao village

Ta Phin village is one of ideal attractions in Sapa because of its unspoiled sceneries, well-remained culture and special traditions of Red Dzao ethnic group. Nestled in a beautiful and pristine valley, Ta Phin is far from the busy streets of Sapa. Walking around the village, tourists can easily catch sights of Red Dzao women in very beautiful and colorful dress made from brocade gathering together with threads and cloths in their hands. The local people are quite friendly and hospitable, some can speak English very well which help tourists know more about the customs, traditions, and culture of the ethnic community.

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