After breakfast we gather at the lounge for a great lecture. After breakfast we bid farewell to our passengers of the Serenity Cruise (4-nights).

At 8 o’clock we welcome our passengers of the Pearl of the Orient Cruise (3-nights).

The lounge is set up for a captivating lecture about Cambodian modern history, held by a professor of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Definitely a highlights of this cruise receiving knowledge first hand as our lecturer has studied the subject extensively and personally.

The whole afternoon is at your own arrangements. From now on, even the last passenger will turn on his cruise mode and hopefully experience the therapeutic influence that this mighty river radiates. It is time for massages, relaxation on the sun bed, and private balcony kick-backs – it’s time to merge with the river.

Some may like to visit the bridge as the captain always has a little story to share about “his” river. Float into a state of mild bliss. Before totally drifting away, do not forget lunchtime around noon.

A culinary class is offered in the afternoon to sharpen your knowledge and skills on the local cuisine. Before slumbering in a nap, join our. High Tea with coffee and snacks if you like to.

We reach the border and finally arrive in Vietnam. From here it is just a short distance to Chau Doc, a pleasant, slow-paced border town with a sizeable Chinese, Kinh and Khmer community. We moor near the city with views on the riverbanks.

Dinner will be served soon and you can join our evening cinema with another selected classic movie afterwards.