You will visit Banteay Kdei (surrounded by 4 concentric walls), Neak Pean (a fountain built in the middle of a pool representing the paradisiacal Himalayan mountain-lake), Ta Som (built in late 12th century C.E. and the most distant temple on the grand circuit). You will also visit Preah Khan Temple. Built by the King Jayavarman VII., Preah Khan is, like Ta Prohm, a place of towered enclosures and shoulder-hugging corridors. Unlike Ta Prohm, however, the temple of Preah Khan is in a reasonable state of preservation and ongoing restoration efforts should maintain and even improve this situation.

You will then drive back to the hotel for refreshments and lunch, or you may want a siesta.

In the afternoon, you will visit Ta Prohm, one of the area’s most beautiful temples. Ta Prohm has been relatively untouched since it was discovered and retains much of its mystery. You will also learn about Thommanon, Chau Tevoda, and Takeo temples.

Finally, you will enjoy a high-end dining experience at Chez Sophea restaurant, located at the Archeological Park.