Hanoi – the thousand-years-old city of Vietnam, is one of the most ancient capitals in Southeast Asian. This place is a harmonious combination between the poetic beauty of natural landscapes, the intact remains of historical structures, and the vibrant attractiveness of a developing city. Every year, millions of domestic and international travelers visit Hanoi thanks to its unique, soulful and elegant look.

To plan a memorable trip to explore Hanoi, you need a deeper understanding of this city, especially about its weather and climate. It is impossible to predict correctly the temperatures and the weather of Hanoi each month, but we can share some general suggestions about this subject. So check our following guide to have specific glue about the Hanoi weather and temperature by month.

I. Hanoi weather overview

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

Hanoi’s climate is typical for a humid tropical climate influenced by the southwest monsoon and the South China Sea with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. As a result, Hanoi has a hot summer with a lot of rain along with the dry cold winter. The winter and summer of Hanoi are severe compared to the winter and summer of other countries in Southeast Asia.

1. Seasons of Hanoi

Spring (from January to March)

In spring, the weather in Hanoi is cold and at a high level of humidity. The average temperature at this time of the year is around 14 to 20 Celsius degrees. The spring rain is often very light and is one of a distinctive characteristic in Hanoi. As this pattern of weather is perfect for the plants to develop and the flowers to bloom, spring is the time for you to behold the thriving of tropical nature. Moreover, spring is the time for Tet Holiday (the most important and longest festival of Vietnamese in one year).

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

Summer (from April to June)

Differing from spring, in summer, the weather is burning hot with sudden heavy rain in the afternoon. Hanoi’s summer is quite severe with the average temperature around 30 degrees and changes dramatically due to the global warming issue.

Heavy rain is another identified feature of Hanoi’s summer, tourists are suggested to bring an umbrella or a raincoat when leaving their accommodation. Because of the extremely high amount of rainfall, in the summer, floods may occur in some parts of the city for many hours causing difficulties on travel. However, in summer, tourists can try many unique tropical fruits, some of those fruits can only find in Vietnam such as dragon fruit, jackfruit, lychee…

Autumn (From July to September)

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

Hanoi Autumn starts from July and ends in September. In this season, there is very little rain and the weather is mostly milk and nice with the moderate humidity in the air. Hanoi autumn is the most charming season of all for its average temperature of 25 degrees, warm sunlight and cool wind. Visiting Hanoi in autumn, tourists have a chance to see the change of leaves color, enjoy the peaceful autumn landscapes or try some Hanoi specialties such as green rice flakes.

Winter (From November to December)

Winter is the most extreme season among the four seasons of Hanoi. The average temperature is low at around 11 Celsius degrees. There is no rain in winter so the weather is dry and freezing cold. Due to the effects of monsoon, in December and January, Hanoi can be extremely cold and experience some severe mist creating a picturesque and dreamlike landscape. Tourists visiting Hanoi in winter are suggested to bring serious clothes to keep them warm and prevent getting a cold. However, Hanoi winter is very popular for its famous delicious specialties like hot pot or barbecue which can warm up the chilly days.

2. Hanoi weather highlights

Do you know ?
You may all know about Hanoi four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter; but have you ever heard of “The 12 Flower Seasons of Hanoi”. Thank for this unique feature, the city becomes more appealing with vibrant color and exquisite fragrance of 12 different flowers covering the streets in 12 months.


The coldest month in Hanoi is January, for the average low-temperature is around 10 Celsius degrees and the average high-temperature is about 19 Celsius degrees.

In the whole year, there are more than 150 rainy days and the precipitation is up to 1700mm.

The month with the least rainfall is January, as the rain falls for more than 8 days around 19mm of precipitation.

July is the hottest month in Hanoi with the average high-temperature of 33 Celsius degrees and the average low-temperature if 25 Celsius degrees.

August is the month with the most rainfall in Vietnam as the rain falls for more than 16 days and the precipitation is up to 318mm.

November is the month with the lowest humidity.

II. Hanoi weather by month

Hanoi weather in January

In January, there is sunshine and the temperature is warm in Hanoi. In this month of the year, the sun shines for more than eight hours each day and the average temperature is around 22 Celsius degrees. In one day the lowest temperature can be about 17 Celsius degrees while the highest can be up to 26 Celsius degrees, which is suitable for any kind of outdoor activity.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

Tourists visiting Hanoi at this time of the year will have the chance to enjoy the cool breeze and little rainfall. The highest temperature ever recorded in January is 38 Celsius degrees and the lowest temperature ever recorded is around 14 Celsius degrees. But this situation is rare and visitors will find the weather is close to the average.

Hanoi weather in February

The temperature in February range from 10 Celsius degrees to 22 Celsius degrees. The average maximum daytime temperature in this month of the year is cool around 20 Celsius degrees. There are usually more than 10 hours of daylight per day.

Compared to January, there is a slight increase in the rainfall rate. In the whole February, the rainfall precipitation is expected to be around 26mm with more than 11 rainy days.

The UV levels will be high in the middle of the day when the sky is clearer. The average temperature at night is quite cold at about 14 Celsius degrees.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather


Tet Holiday
Tet Holiday – the most significant festival in Vietnam usually takes place in February. It is also the perfect time for international visitors to enjoy the festive atmosphere and explore one of the most interesting and oldest holidays in the world.


Hanoi weather in March

The temperature rises slightly during March in Hanoi. The average low temperature is about 18 degrees while the average temperature is around 24 Celsius degrees. Tourists visiting Hanoi in March will experience the cool breeze in the morning and hot air during the afternoon hours while in the evening the temperature becomes cold and humid.

Regarding the average temperature, the Hanoi weather in March is quite mice and milk most of the day. During this month, there is a rise in the number of rainy days by 25% compared to February, but the precipitation level is not too high, about 50mm on average.

Hanoi weather in April

It will be a wise choice to see Hanoi in April as the weather is nice and tourists can explore plenty of attractions around the city and surroundings. In this time of year, Hanoi becomes warmer with the daily temperature range from 19 Celsius degrees to 35 Celsius degrees.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

On the first days of the month, visitors may feel warm from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm while in the middle of the month it will be in between 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. At the end of the month, due to the rise in temperature, tourists will feel warm all day.

In April, tourists can experience unexpected heavy rains. This month, the rainfall rate increase by 50 % in comparison with March. The precipitation is about 90mm and there are more than 18 wet days this month. At this time of the year, the sun usually rises at 5:30 am and sets at 6:30 pm, which offers Hanoi with 13 hours of daylight per day.

Hanoi weather in May

In May, the average high temperature is about 31 Celsius degrees while the average low temperature is about 24 Celsius degrees. The average humidity in this month drops slightly to 77% compared to April. Tourists visiting Hanoi in May can enjoy the average 5 hours of sunshine per day with an average of more than 13 hours of daylight. In May, there is around 14 rainfall day in Hanoi and the precipitation rate is around 70mm.

Hanoi weather in June

The weather in June is a mixture between two weather patterns: the dry season and rainy season. In this month, the weather is difficult to forecast as the temperature, sunshine, and rainfall will change dramatically even in one day. In the daytime, the average temperature can reach 38 Celsius degrees while the temperature is up to 28 Celsius degrees at night making June the hottest month of the year.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

June is the month for plenty of rain, which means rain falls more frequently and a storm can take place anytime. When June coming around, Hanoi is covered by a blue sky and shiny sun with an average of 12 hours of daylight per day. As a result, June becomes the month with the longest sunshine hours in the whole year. This weather feature offers tourists a great chance to take breath-taking photo of the most fantastic view of sunrise and sunset of the year.

Hanoi weather in July

In July, the average high temperature is about 33 Celsius degrees while the average low temperature is around 26 Celsius degrees. The duration of cloudy weather is the same in comparison with June, but the amount of rainfall rises by 20% in July. At this time of the year, there are a lot of rain in Hanoi with 16 rainy days and the precipitation rate is around 150mm.

This month, rains can occur more often and last very long; the average duration of torrential rain may be about more than an hour. During this time of the year, the city is usually covered by cloud with the share of 60% within daylight hours.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

Hanoi weather in August

If tourists visit Hanoi in August, they will have an amazing chance to see the city blooming with milky flower and white baby daisy. This month, it is still hot but visitors can also taste the coolness as the gentle autumn wind blows more frequently. During this month, Hanoi becomes a peaceful and soulful place in the season transition moment.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

At the beginning of the month, the temperature starts to fall and the daily average temperature can range from 28 Celsius degree to 33 Celsius degree.

The humidity: 75%
The average sunshine hours each day: 14 hours
The average rainfall rate: 195mm
The number of rainy days: 18 days

Hanoi weather in September

September is the end of the rainy season and begins of peaceful autumn. At this time of the year, the weather is nicer and more comfortable due to the transition of summer to autumn. Although the average temperature is still high ranging from 25 Celsius degrees to 32 Celsius degrees, the weather is more easeful than in summer.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

The sunlight duration remains stable around 13 hours per day. This month, Hanoi has about 13 wet days and the storm can occur sometimes. At this time, when visiting Hanoi, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the soft sunlight with the cool breeze and blue sky.

Hanoi weather in October

In October, Hanoi is covered by yellow or red fallen leaves making this city becomes more beautiful and poetic. This month, the average temperature falls to 23 Celsius degree in the evening and 28 Celsius degree in the daytime.

The amount of rainfall in October drops significantly compared to the previous months. In this month, rains are not heavy and long-lasted as other months. Hanoi receives average of 5 sunshine hours and 12 hours of sunlight per day during this time of the year.

Hanoi weather in November

November is the last month of fall in Hanoi. This month is the transition between autumn and winter. The weather of Hanoi this month is sunny and cool which is perfect for travelers to explore the city and surroundings.

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

The temperature of Hanoi in November is 18 Celsius degree on average – much lower than previous months. In general, the ending days of October are much colder than the beginning days of this month.

In November, there are totally 5 wet days and the precipitation rate is around 45mm in comparison with 14 days and 144 mm in October. The factors lead to the cool and dry weather creating the perfect time to go around the city.

Hanoi weather in December

This month, the weather becomes more convenient for tourists to get around. December is the driest and coldest month of the year as the average temperature is 15 Celsius degree in the daylight and 11 Celsius degree at night. The number os wet days and the precipitation rate are less than the previous month.

The average temperature: 18 Celsius
The humidity: 65%
The number of wet days: 7 days

Everything you need to know about Hanoi weather

In each season, Hanoi has special beauty with its characteristics, delicious delicacies, and traditional festivals. Autumn is the season of romantic love and flower blossom. Therefore, the attractiveness of Hanoi autumn becomes a great inspiration for uncountable songwriters and poets. The best time to explore Hanoi is in the autumn when the weather is pleasant and there is rarely rain at those months.

It is hard to give an exact predictions about Hanoi weather as the climate and temperature are change dramatically days by days. To offer tourists the best experience in Hanoi without any concerns about the weather, in this post, Vietbiz Travel is pleased to share with you some information about Hanoi Weather.

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