When the major beaches in Nha Trang have been crowded with tourists, Binh Ba Island, on its far-off ocean, is an appealing destination for an off-the-beaten-track holiday. It has everything you need for a trip: blue sky, sunshine, soft white sands, and stunning coastline. If you are about to visit this land, this post is for you.

I. Where is Binh Ba Island?

Binh Ba Island is a small island nestled around 60 kilometers from Nha Trang and 390 kilometers from Saigon. It covers an area of 3 square km, belonging to Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province.

Nature on Binh Ba Island is well preserved and not that affected by mainstream tourism. The picture-book landscape with pristine beaches and blue water has made Binh Ba an awesome place for a beach escape. Not only does it attract domestic travelers but foreigners are also appealed by its exquisite scenery.

So, how to get to Binh Ba Island?

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

Source: Pixabay @Quangpraha

You have to reach Ba Ngoi Pier to get on the ferry to the island. The pier is 15 km from Cam Ranh Airport, and it is also a 15 km distance from this port to Binh Ba Island. There are fixed schedules for the boat and it won’t wait for anyone. Therefore, make sure you get there 5-10 minutes in advance not to miss it.

II. Best time to travel to Binh Ba Island

When to visit Binh Ba Island? The southern beaches and islands are beautiful all year round, yet there are still weather variations that would determine whether your trip is successful or not.

The ideal time to travel to Binh Ba is between March and September. This period boasts clear blue skies, mild wild, lots of sunshine, and high visibility. Importantly, to stay away from the crowd, it’s better to visit the island on weekdays.

III. Top things to do in Binh Ba Island

1. Sunbathing On The Beach

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

You are visiting an island, so how to leave without a trip to the beach? Binh Ba possesses awe-inspiring coastline with stretching sugary sand and transparent blue water. There are 7 beaches but only 3 of them are accessible to tourists, namely Nha Cu Beach, Nom Beach, and Chuong Beach. These almost isolated destinations offer a great space for tourists to bask in the sunshine.

2. Diving To Watch The Coral Reefs

Beaches in Binh Ba, namely Nha Cu and Sa Huynh, are also wonderful for snorkeling. It is home to the spectacular coral reefs. You don’t need to dive deep to observe it and even the starters can try this activity.

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

Source: Pixabay @joakant

Interestingly, as the environment here is well protected, the water is exceptionally clean, thus being much easier for you to behold the beauty of marine life.

3. Observe The Sunrise And Sunset

Another thing to do at Binh Ba Beaches is to witness the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. Wake up early and head to the beach so that you won’t miss one of the most beautiful daybreaks of your life. Twilight can be observed on its stunning beaches, also.

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

Taking a Binh Ba tour, you will be able to take a broad glimpse over the mesmerizing sunrise without being blocked by any concrete buildings or signs of crowded tourists. Nom Binh is located in the south of the island, so you can’t catch the sunrise or sunset here. Instead, the waves here are quite strong, making it ideal for surfing.

4. Motorbiking Around The Island

After having spent an enjoyable time swimming and diving at the beach, you can take a tour around this small island by motorbike. It is for rent at VND 100,000/day (around $4). You can buy a Binh Ba Island map before going to prevent getting lost.

It’s amazing to ride your scooter along the winding roads around the island to behold the untouched beauty of this land while breathing the cool breeze from the ocean. You will also come across the local market and village, where you would be welcomed by the shiny smiles of the lovely villagers.

Moreover, you can stop at some high points to catch a panoramic view of the island and its surrounded crystal-clear sea or visit a seafood eatery for a quick sumptuous meal.

5. Sample Fresh Seafood

Last but not least, don’t forget to try the fresh seafood before leaving this island. The foods in Binh Ba Island are exceptionally cheap if compared to their freshness, quality, and variations. It costs you only $5-10 for a full plate of shrimp, fish, or the like. Lobsters are more expensive, but the price is still much lower than what you will get at the restaurant on the mainland.

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

You can pick the seafood you like and ask the locals to cook it for you. Complicated recipes are of no use because just steaming or grilling can make the dish heavenly tasty already.

IV. Where to stay in Binh Ba Island?

Since the island is still less known to mass tourism, there are not so many choices of accommodation there. Some hostels and small hotels are open for tourists, yet they are not “luxury” enough if you look for high-end facilities. That said, all are fully equipped with essential interiors and of course, en-suite bathrooms. It costs from 100 – 300,000 VND/night for a standard room.

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

Source: Pixabay @jeltevanoostrum

Homestay is also available there with just half the price of the hostel.

You should contact with the locals and hostel-owners in advance to book for your overnight stay. Of course, if you are going on a trip arranged by a reliable tour operator, then you don’t need to do so.

V. To Wrap Up

With unspoiled nature, Binh Ba Island Vietnam is the wonderful destination for a beach getaway. If you get too feared by the crowded flocks of tourism at famous Vietnamese beach hotspots, this quiet island is where you should head to.

A 5-Minute Guide For An Unforgettable Beach Escape To Binh Ba Island

Source: Pixabay @Quangpraha

That said, because tourism service is not well developed here yet, it is not a piece of cake to come here on your own. You had better go for a much safer and better-organized option: booking a tour with a Vietnam tour operator. With their support, you won’t need to care about little things like transportation, accommodation, etc. All you have to do is to behold the beauty of Binh Ba Island as much as you can.

If you feel interested and need our help, feel free to contact Vietbiz Travel at any time. We are always more than happy to have you as our dearest clients.

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